Project Offers

This page lists a couple of projects I am offering at the moment. However, projects are not limited to the listed projects. In case you want to write your thesis (PhD, Msc, Hon, Bsc) under my supervision or in case you are interested in a research project or an internship, feel free to contact me directly.

PhD projects

I am always willing to supervise (excellent) PhD students. Please contact me directly in case you are interested in doing a Phd in the wide area of formal modelling, reasoning and analysis. In particular, I offer PhD topics in the area of process algebra, Kleene algebra, routing protocols and expressiveness.
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Theses (Msc/Hon/Bsc) & Undergraduate Projects

Please contact me in case you want to work on your thesis or your research project under my supervision. If you are interested in formal reasoning, formal modelling or verification and you do not find a topic in the list below, please contact me—additional topics may be available.

More information regarding undergraduate projects can be found at, including a link to the Study Contract.

Verifying Elements of Algorithmic Graph Theory    (12/24 credits)

Keywords: relation algebra, verification, graph algorithms, proof mechanisation

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Mechanisation of the milli Common Representation Language    (12/24 credits)

Keywords: process algebra, Isabelle/HOL, proof mechanisation

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Modelling, Analysing and Verification of Wireless Mesh Network Routing Protocols    (multiple projects; 12/24 credits)

Keywords: process algebra, formal modelling, formal methods

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Internships @ ANU

DAAD Rise (Research Internship in Science and Engineering), Germany

DAAD-funded scholarships. Students in the early stages of their studies who have the ambition to work abroad and gain hands-on research experience in their fields will be matched with researchers worldwide. DAAD will support these short-term summer internships by awarding scholarships to successful applicants to help cover parts of the living and travel costs.
More details at
No Internships available at the moment. Please check DAAD for dates of forthcoming scholarship opportunities.
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Last update: Aug. 31, 2020